What We Do

We do genuine community engagement to help organisations realise social value  and achieve lasting social impact.

We provide practical, hands- on support and creative consultancy across all levels of community, business and partnership activity, working with our customers to develop solutions that are innovative, inspiring, effective and efficient . We enable organisations to engage citizens in a positive and creative way to involve them in  shaping their services and local areas and be able to respond more effectively to the issues that really matter. For example we can deliver participatory (community ) budgeting, consultation and research, local assemblies, service review and appraisal, education and learning, and specialist programmes designed for you.

We offer a wide range of services to organisations and community groups such as innovative approaches to engagement, consultation and involvement ;one to one coaching, group training, help with funding applications and the development of neighbourhood arrangements to allow communities to develop skills,  become better organised and in a position to participate and to work together with each other and with other agencies.

Our approach is different because we engage people, groups and organisations as citizens, bringing them together to lead on issues which are important to them. We believe in genuine engagement and leadership which invests in and builds on the unique characteristics and qualities of the community group, individual, business or organisation.  We use our extensive knowledge and practical experience of engaging citizens from all backgrounds in activity designed to create social impact and enhance social value . Our work is based on accountable and transparent decision-making and co-design and co-delivery . We work in partnership with other social enterprises and in particular the Young Advisors West Midlands who work with us to engage young people and make sure that the voice of young people is heard in communities and in services.

Our knowledge of social and economic policy, public services, communities and community engagement and development has been gained jointly by over 40 years experience where we have helped organisations and communities to find new solutions, redesign what they do, save money and make a stronger, more effective  impact  .

For further information please contact :

Susan McGavin
Email: sue.mc@citizenengagement.org.uk
Tel: 01952 770026 / 07557687225